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WHERE THERE IS FITNESS, THERE IS REGUPOL Rubber flooring with style and function
WHERE THERE IS FITNESS, THERE IS REGUPOL Rubber flooring with style and function

Rubber flooring with style and function

REGUPOL Performance Flooring for Campus Recreation 


Upgrade your campus recreation facility with REGUPOL performance flooring and experience the perfect combination of attractive design, functionality, and protection. Don’t settle for subpar flooring that doesn’t meet your needs. REGUPOL has you covered, no matter your fitness center type. Our floors are specifically designed to provide top-notch functionality and protection while also being visually appealing. So why wait? Take your fitness facility to the next level with REGUPOL performance flooring today!

REGUPOL aktiv fitness flooring


No gym is complete without high-quality flooring. Our REGUPOL aktiv flooring offers tried-and-true gym flooring with energy restitution of 85%-86% and force reduction of 12.9%-13.7%. It delivers exceptional performance at an affordable price, and is perfect for activities like floor exercises, bodyweight exercises, martial arts, heavy lifting, cardio, spin bikes, and more. Our versatile rubber flooring is designed to resist wear and absorb noise, ensuring excellent slip and shock resistance. It is quick to install and easy to maintain, making it a favorite choice for gyms everywhere.

REGUPOL aktivplus performance flooring

REGUPOL aktivplus

Looking for high-quality sports flooring that is durable and shock-absorbent? Look no further than REGUPOL aktivplus – our 1/2″ thick high-density sports flooring. It is perfect for heavy workout equipment, including weight racks, machines, exercise equipment, and even as platform flooring for Olympic lifting stations. We can combine it with REGUPOL crash drop zones to allow for flush inlaid platforms, maximizing space for athletes and making it easier to clean. Our ultra-dense, proprietary surface engineered, REGUPOL crash, mitigates noise and the impact of heavy weights, ensuring athlete safety and well-being. It is available in four standard thicknesses, so you can choose the thickness that best meets your facility’s needs.

REGUPOL aktivplus performance flooring

REGUPOL aktivplus premier

Are you looking to create a winning environment in your weight room? Look no further than REGUPOL aktivplus premier, the latest addition to our impressive collection of sports flooring. This solid, single layer of rubber is 3/4 inch thick. It is designed to enhance athletic performance, minimize impact sound, and provide comfort underfoot, all while maintaining a high level of performance with Energy Restitution of 76.4% and Force Reduction of 23.6%. The best part is that this flooring solution will perform exceptionally well and make your facility look incredible. Inlaid platforms are virtually seamless with Aktivplus premier and our REGUPOL crash drop zones, creating in-line platforms, maximizing space for athletes, and limiting tripping hazards.

REGUPOL sonusfit m 520

REGUPOL sonusfit m520

Soundproofing and vibration isolation are crucial for gyms. The crashes, bangs, and thumps that come with gym equipment can cause headaches and complaints from those living and working nearby. However, with REGUPOL sonusfit m520, gyms can exist harmoniously within or adjacent to public spaces. Sonusfit m520 is an engineered multi-layer system that effectively dampens low-frequency vibrations from free weights and other gym equipment. By doing so, it protects the building’s structure and keeps noise levels to a minimum.

For expert advice on gym noise and vibration, you can trust REGUPOL.




We prioritize sustainability and the environment in our business. We collect over 9 million tires annually and use them to create eco-friendly products for various applications. Our products are made from recycled SBR tire rubber, with 75-100% recycled content. Our manufacturing process is environmentally responsible, using minimal water and avoiding heat.

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