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REGUPOL revolution — Rolled Recycled Rubber Commercial Flooring
REGUPOL revolution — Rolled Recycled Rubber Commercial Flooring


Inside Joe Fresh’s flagship store, the energy is absolute. Carefully designed by Burdifilek, the 6,400 sqft of retail space blends high gloss and matte surfaces, bold colors, and creative installations to create a distinctive look that embodies the brand’s values—Essential style. Exceptional value.

The retail surface is a complicated area, and getting the look right means not only understanding the desired aesthetics but also how this visual is going to be created and whether it will be able to maintain its appearance and functionality when faced with daily conditions. For example, will the floor covering be subjected to heavy foot traffic, ultraviolet (UV) exposure, food and drink spillages, frequent cleaning, or impacts? The list of design considerations is lengthy.

Rubber flooring has become a valued flooring choice among many interior designers and architects, particularly those designing for retail. Rubber flooring is durable and time-tested, maintaining its beauty under heavy foot traffic and use. It is scratch, scuff, and stain-resistant, so floors look newer, longer. Maintaining its like-new appearance is easy with a vacuum and damp mop. And unlike hard surfaces, rubber floors have some give to them, providing a comfortable work environment for employees and a shopping experience for customers.

To create visual harmony and to balance Joe Fresh’s signature orange color, the design team at Burdifilek chose REGUPOL revolution in warm, earth tones – The Century and Summertime—for the flooring. The rubber flooring extends to the wall surface and fixtures adding an extra touch to the space. REGUPOL revolution is available in 46 eye-catching and cool color combinations. Revolution rubber floors can be color-matched to any shade and is perfect for incorporating custom logos and designs. The design potential is virtually limitless.

In today’s retail environment, the proper selection of flooring is critical. If you are still wondering if rubber flooring is ideal for your next project, please call Bill Neifert, Commercial Sales Director, at 570 856 1657 or email


Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Area: 6,400 sqft
Product: REGUPOL revolution
Color: Summertime, The Century
Architect / Designer: Burdifilek

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