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LEED everywhere you go.

Rubber flooring creates endless design possibilities beyond the gym. Its versatility and resilience make it a cost-effective solution for spaces that require beauty and functionality. Trust REGUPOL revolution or upscale to elevate your vision to new heights.

REGUPOL revolution — rolled rubber flooring

REGUPOL revolution

This classic rolled rubber floor covering offers timeless appeal, numerous benefits. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the revolution collection comes with incredibly flexible design capabilities and is high performance with incomparable value.

REGUPOL upscale – Luxury Rubber Plank & Tile

REGUPOL upscale

Introducing REGUPOL upscale, a new take on a traditional classic. The luxury rubber plank (LRP) and tile (LRT) collection features 12 neutral, earth tones that pair beautifully, creating patterns that feel warm and soothing. Let the variety of tones and textures inspire you and help you achieve original.  Mix and match or go monochromatic.

5 Compelling Reasons Why Rubber Flooring Reigns Supreme in Commercial Spaces


Unparalleled Durability

Say goodbye to scratches, dents, and tears. The resiliency of rubber flooring is legendary, withstanding high foot traffic, rolling carts, spills, and the occasional tumble. This translates to significantly lower maintenance costs and replacement rates, making it a wise long-term investment.




Safety First, Always

Accidents happen, but they don’t have to be major catastrophes. Rubber’s superior slip resistance, even when wet, provides peace of mind for everyone, from clumsy customers to energetic kids.


Comfort Underfoot, Every Step of the Way

Rubber flooring’s gentle cushioning takes the pressure of tired legs, especially in areas where people stand for extended periods. This not only reduces fatigue and muscle strain but also contributes to a more positive and productive work environment.



Acoustics Mades Easy

Muffle the noise of commercial life with rubber’s natural sound-dampening properties. Its ability to dampen sound transmission creates a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere, whether it’s a bustling office, a library, or a healthcare facility. This can improve concentration, communication, and overall well-being.




Effortless Maintenance

Rubber flooring is a low-maintenance dream. Its smooth surface is a breeze to clean, requiring just regular sweeping and mopping. It’s also stain-resistant, making it ideal for high-traffic environments. But wait, there’s more: REGUOL revolution and upscale can contribute to LEED and WELL certifications, contributing to a more sustainable approach to interior design.




We prioritize sustainability and the environment in our business. We collect over 9 million tires annually and use them to create eco-friendly products for various applications. Our products are made from recycled SBR tire rubber, with 75-100% recycled content. Our manufacturing process is environmentally responsible, using minimal water and avoiding heat.

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